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RC Ducted fan EDF Jet Composite ARF Aircraft made for you. Oh yeah and proper planes also.

New Law, if you have USA in your business name you have to sell USA Made items! Should be.
Just giving a prod.

From our start 22 years ago to the present day we have been committed to, and have offer USA Made products with out fail. This has been important enough that not only do we source USA products, but we have bought early USA companies like Kress Jets, and have made strides to continue to make products in the USA, and in house like our MOTO ROTO rotating case motors, Hands Out multi rotor frames. We have worked with our world suppliers as well in the days of the east to still carry products that we have enjoyed for years.

We invite world made products, but have remained true to our roots We invite other US modelers / companies to do the same and come back home. We're watching.

Made in the USA simi List

Flying makes me happy! Don't you want to be happy?

I use to get excited when I would recieved a product from another country made by a small shop like my own. It gave me a felling of a world commuinity wile staying true to my roots, and when I could talk to an owner lets say in Holland, and make plans to have them (family) come over, or to go see them it was like going to see a distant relitive. (no relitives in Holland unless it was Holland Ohio). Question: What do we have today? To share in the world we all have to work here at home. A tree grows outward, not inward.


RC Jets, and planes made by you for you.
From USA, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, and you.

Welcome to Ductedfans.com!!!

Over 22 years of EDF product excellence

New Item Habu 32 80mm EDF jets
The Habu 32 $352.50 Back in stock
New! Envader EDF Jet (Electric ducted fan)
The Envader is composite body with built-up wings and tail #GPENV002 $139.99 back in.
New Item WM 400 Sk
#WM40001 (WM 400) $38.50. #WM40002 Short kit version $28.99 Back in stock
New! Some sorta jet EDF Jet (Electric ducted fan)
The Jet is composite body with built-up wings and tail #GPENV002 $179.99 back in.
New! Jet RC EDF Jet edf for twin 70 unit
Full Composite Twin fan Jet edf jet. # 00 $1049.99, SOLD out for now! 01/09/12.
USA Made! F- 15 EDF Jet (Electric ducted fan)
This F-15 Eagle Composite twin Made In The USA Limited time only) #F15DFTC01 $329.99 in stock now! .
New! MBM EDF JET Unit for RC Aircraft edf unit
The power of some 480 fans in a slightly smaller package fits most of the Foamie 64 mm fan jet planes from Blitz Free Wing ... But with a 50% increese in power *. # oh $58.99 base. Also see # oh $129.90. With the Beast edf motor
New! EDF (Electric ducted fan) Unit
High power smooth running edf fan unit from X the makers of The , and the x, Killer edf motors are now paired with an auwsum edf fan. 6.2lb 2000 watts. Lets go fly. ITEM # oh out stock, See availible
New! Spark EDF JET RC Aircraft(110) mm edf unit
Pripainted Comp ARF Spark (110) mm EDF unit. Wing Span: 48" Weight: 10.5 Lb, Length: 63" 37 v lipo (Tanic 4500mah) 7 chanel #CASRYB Out of Stock order omly #DS75C $369.90.
DFRC L-39 Electric ducted fan ARF
Nice looking Arf EDF Jet, Pre painted in three colors seceams Patroit $269.99 #DFRCL39P, Brightlington $249.99 #DFRCL39B, and Sport tacular $284.99 #DFRCL39S in stock. Now!
Back in! Schuebelers Bae Hawk For 90 mm DS 51 HDT
In stock and ready for you. Schuebeler BAE Haks are in stock# DSBAEJ $1499.69
New! Jet EDF Jet Fast 90 mm
90 mm EDF jet, with retracts that's also fast. Very complete package # ohh look Starting @ $1297.99 to 1499.99In Stock
New! Jet ARF
EDF Jet Fiber-glass body, precoverd balsa wings . WS.37.4" long 39" weight 3.5lb # ohh look $229.99 (no fan motor included) in stock # PASt4502 $249.50 Sold out
New! Blue Angels Fan Gear
Blue Angels Ball Caps, Flags and pins being added to our fan gear section also new A-10 ,A-4 lids In Stock.
New! All composite 90 mm edf ARF
Two piece Mirage composite arf has removable tail for transport body all one piece EDF Jet Fiber-glass body, # 0h look $899.99 in stock
New! Panther 90 mm EDF Jet Rc Aircraft
This Is the Panthers return now with retract bays, Redy for retract installs ITEM #ANPANRR only $754.99 in stock soon
USA MADE! KA Mig 15 ARF for DS 30 or 609 or stuff a 90 mm edf units
EDF Jet Fiber-glass body, wings. (in stock fan not included)optional micro retracts. WS.35.69.4" long 33.30" weight 3.5lb # kamig1501 $279.99 in stock 10/01/11
New! El Bandito EDF Jet Fast 90 mm
Fabulous 80/90mm EDF jet. 1 of 2 of the fastest sport jets of its size on 6s. Very nice package #FJBAN9001 $1599.99 Back in stock 03/04/13
New! Mirage 2000 ARF
EDF Jet Fiber-glass body, foam sheeted wings. Powerd by WM 400 edf fan (in stock $49.50 included) WS.28" long 45" weight 3.5lb # DFRCMiro1 $222.22 Now with edf unit included in stock
USA Made! L-39, Mini Jet by K&A
Jet is for HW609 edf fan(in stock $69.50 with this jet) or WM 400. L-39 mini jet by K&A made in the USA # KAML3901 $289.99 in stock
New! Fan Gear
A collection of Ductedfans clothing and accessories for the year-round hobby flier.
New! MAP Micro retracts for small EDF Jet $199.98
Look these are the good ones. CNC made in North America, Not the cheepie coppies. You owe yourself the good stuff. Smaller than 600 retracts see comparison.

Back in stock!
Spring Air 602 Mini retracts for single 480 to 120 mm edf jets $129.99 Sale Priced

Mig 15 90 mm EDF Jet
Back in stock
Mig 15 90 mm EDF Jet all composite, ducting installed for MBMJets BK 90 (Silver/ Silver, Red/Blue,White/white) #DFRCMIG901 $899.99 SALE Back in stock

Top E cat RC Prop plane
Top E Cat
32.5" wing span pusher ARF Version 01 for pusher prop. Version 02 for EDF, Item # TOPE3202 $213.00
Sale $165.99

Baby RU Back in stock
Back in stock
Baby RU fast fiberglass jet with builtup wings and tails pre covered Comes with the WM 400 fan Wing span 35.59 length 37
Sale $189.99 in stock

Wood and Foam Jet kits you build in stock Wood kits check here.
Please Note: Due to rate fluctuations between the Dollar-Euro, Pricing on (Euro) models and products are subject to change without notice.

Please Note: Our website does not currently offer stock status on our products. Most of the items on this site are from US and Euro manufacturers that believe in quality over quantity. Most of the Items and products on this site are from skilled small companies that I buy from as a consumer as well as a presenter on Ductedfans.com. In these times we do everything we can to bring you "The Best" US first, Europe, and world products. If you are in need of an item and wish to confirm stock availability, please contact us ductedfann@aol.com or 330 872-1000 before ordering. Your Ducted Fans Team.

We present ducted fan Pit Viper 90mm SS , MB1 Motor, Habu 32 EDF, A-4 Skyhawk EDF, A-6 intruder EDF, A-7 EDF jet, A-10 EDF, Alfa jet, Baby RU, BAE EDF Jet, Blade 2, B-25, C 47, Do 328, F-4 EDF, F-5 Ducted fan, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, F-20, F-22, F-86, Fan trainer, Fouga Magister, Frog foot, Griphen, Jump Jet, L-39, L-59, Lear Jet, Long EZ, ME 262, Mig 15 EDF, Mig 17, Mig 21, Mig 29, Mirage 2000, P-80 Shooting star, Pampa, RJ70, SR 71, SU27, SU30, SU 34, T-33, T-45, Vampire, Vector 2, Spark, El Bandito EDF Jet, E Cat,

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