A-6 Intruder RC EDF ARF jet

A6 Intruder EDF ARF RC Jet

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A6 Intruder EDF ARF RC Jet from Kyosho

A6 Intruder foamie jet

A-6 Intruder

A6 edf jet back from Ductedfans.com

A-6 Intruder RC edf Jet ARF 55mm fun sized RC Jet, sutible for indoor fast flying as well as out of doors park flying.

This foam A-6 RC EDF Arf jet is better than all others on the market.

Styrene body realizes a realistic lightweight fuselage complete with color scheme.
Equipped with compact 55mm diameter electric powered 5-blade ducted fan unit.
Exquisite bell-mouth shape combines with fan and stators to produce large amounts of thrust.
Includes optimal high-performance brushless motor.
Features special 25A brushless motor control amp.
Canopy with magnetic lock makes battery changes fast and simple.
Suitable for 11.1V-950 - 1200mAh lithium polymer batteries.
Fitted with one elevator micro servo and two aileron micro servos.
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Parallel cockpits and twin engines gave this fighter its distinctive form, which has been immaculately recreated in 1:22.5 scale. The same ducted fan unit as the DF55 produces powerful thrust for true jet-like flight. With its high-wing style and comparatively longer main wing span, the INTRUDER not only remains true to the original characteristics, but also delivers amazingly stable flight. As the best introduction to electric jet airplane flight, this airplane is ideally suited to intermediate-level fliers. The lightweight design features a durable styrene fuselage and is almost completely assembled and equipped with three micro-servos for the pre-installed ailerons (x 2) and elevator. Simply attach the main wing halves, install the fan into the ducted unit, set the linkage rods and apply decals to finish. The PIP (plug in play) specifications allow to you install the R/C system of your choice, so the thrill of user-friendly action-packed jet fighter performance is right at your fingertips.

Wing Span 29 in/
Length 50 in/125 cm
Weight 430~450g (approx.)
wing area 10dm2

Item #KYOA601 (Gray Primer)
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