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Rafale RC Electric Jet for single 120 mm EDF unit

Rafale EDF RC electric ducted fan jet

E-flite Super Airliner DF ARF

Fully molded and painted for quick assembly
Two ducted fan units included
Shock-absorbing landing gear and more
Molded Aileron Servo pockets
All flight control surfaces come pre-hinged
Large size, generous wing area, and light weight Overview
Two ducted fan units are included and ready to accept your choice of motors.
The fully molded and painted airframe requires little time to assemble, making this Super Airliner ready for takeoff in a short amount of time.
Additionally, all flight control surfaces are pre-hinged, reducing assembly time and ensuring smooth response right away.
The included shock absorbing landing gear ensures that takeoffs and landings are smooth and stable.

Wing Span: 55 in (1400mm)
Overall Length: 57 in (1450mm)
Wing Area: 505 sq in (3245 sq cm)
Flying Weight: 3.25 lb (1.5 kg)
Motor Size: B20 12L or 400 DF Outrunner 3500Kv (EFLM13230DF) (2 required)
Radio: JR Sport S400 or SX600 /Hitec
Servos: four (4) E-flite s75 sub-micro servos (EFLRS75) and one JR Sport ST47BB servo (JSP20060)
Trim Scheme Colors: white
CG (center of gravity): 5.5 in (140mm) back from the leading edge
Prop Size: wattage 66mm cut 3 bladed fan unit (2)(included)
Speed Control: 20 Amp Brushless (EFLA311B) (2 required)
Recommended Battery: Tanic 2220 /2100 3-cell Li-Po (THP21003SPL) (2 required)
Flaps: none needed
Retracts: Room for micro not in package
Approx. Flying Duration: 9 - 10 minutes

Item #EFAlin01
Price $129.95 Call

Titan Jet

A large 4ft wingspan paired with four powerful ducted fan engines makes every flight an adventure with this Air Hogs Jumbo Jet.
A 1000ft control range, this plane delivers 10-minutes of flight time and charges in only 30-minutes. It's constructed of durable, crash-resistant EPP foam.

12 "AA" batteries not included
One 9.6V battery pack and charger included

Wing span 4ft
Color and frequency of plane may vary.

Item #AHTIT01
Price $129.95 in stock


Fully molded for quick assembly
Molded Aileron Servo pockets
All flight control surfaces come pre-hinged
Large size, generous wing area, and light weight
Wing Span: 44" Length: 68" Material: White EPS foam construction Recomended fans: Testing Alfa /WE505 Illustrated instruction manual included Missle set included

Item #CWFA1801
Price $189.95 in stock intro sale $179.99

Item #CWFA1802
(FA 18 Camo Gray)Price $199.95 in stock Intro 189.99 more than 44 in stock

Item #CWFA1802
(FA 18 Camo Gray)Price $210.95 in stock Intro $199.99 more than 44 in stock

Item #CWFA1802
(FA 18 Camo Gray with hornet)Price $210.95 in stock Intro $179.99.99 ** 0 stock on order est in 08/28/06 ** New Blue Angels scheme reg ular price $240.00 intro sale get it now $179.99 low number of the Blue Angles in stock. (but more on order)

Lil Cat

Lil Cat Page

Fully molded for quick assembly
Molded Aileron Servo pockets
All flight control surfaces come pre-hinged
Large size, generous wing area, and light weight
Wing Span: 25" Length: 38" Material: White EPS foam construction Recomended fans: Testing EDF 55 with Brushless Illustrated instruction Sheet included.

Item #CWLilCapr01
Price $53.95 in stock Buy 5 + get dealeresk pricing

Item #CWLilCaEDF01
Price $89.95 in stock Buy 5 + get dealeresk pricing

ME 262 FS

Fully molded for quick assembly
Molded Aileron Servo pockets
All flight control surfaces come pre-hinged
Large size, generous wing area, and light weight

Twin ducted fan jet Airplane has the power to take-off from short grass by sliding on the nacelles, or easily hand launched. It flies fast or slow.
Airplane is all hollow molded foam construction with wood and plywood innerds. Detailed cockpit and instrument panel, lightweight scale landing gear with foam wheels (landing gear is for static display). Pre- painted camo, with full color waterslide decal sheet. Plug-in Airplane
For 3 channels, Ailerons (2 servos), Elevator and Throttle. A functional rudder can be added with the addition of a fourth servo and the use of a 4-channel radio.

Wingspan 43"
Wing area 255 sq. in.
Long 32-1/2" ,
Flying weight 34 oz. .

Item #FS26201
(single pilot) Price $189.95 Sold out

Item #FS26201 Sold out on order est 08/23/06
(Two place cockpit) Price $189.95 in stock limited #

MIG-15 Electric Ducted Fan RC Jet

Wingspan, 29-1/2"
Wing area, 197 sq. in.
long, 30"
Flying weight. 18.5 oz.

Item #ALFA1501
Price $157.95 only two remaining in stock. 10/17/07

Sukhoi SU-27

Great little indoor /out door prop jet
The model is light and simple. Two servo opperation recomended servos are (Blue Arrow 4.3 $12.00)

Wingspan, 16.5"
Wing area, 133 sq. in
long, 23.5"
Flying weight. 3.75 oz.

Item #IKR2701
Price $69.95 Sold out

Micro Jet

Fun prop jet easy to get together quick. Tip Use hot glue. Little drops keet it light. Peel away excess.

Wingspan, 23"
Wing area, 192 sq. in
long, 23.5"
Flying weight. 16 oz.

Item #MMicrJ01
Price 18. in stock $129.99 01/10/09

Twin Jet

Twin power, Flies great out of the box. Great jet at a Great price.

Wingspan, 36"
Wing area, 203
long, 31"
Flying weight. 32 oz

Includes: two Permax 480 7.2V motors, two props and a wiring harness.

Item #twinJ01 Blue

Item #twinJ0 White
Price $189.95 In stock as of 1/10/09

Focke Wulf Ta-183 Huckebein EDF Jet

Another of those fun molded foam jets. Loads of nice detail, Hand launch.

Wingspan, 31.5
Wing area, 217 sq. in.
long, 30"
Flying weight. 19 oz.

Item #ALFATA01
Price $149.95 10/10/ one in stock

A 6 Intruder RTF EDF Jet

This is a Hand Launch, Electric RC jet , Ready-To-Fly, A6 Intruder Jet with Ducted Fan. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

FEATURES: Ready for take-off in less than 5 minutes. Battery powered and recharges in under a minute. Foam construction. Jet-like, one-piece fuselage with internal electric ducted fan unit. Mid-wing type jet. Pre-applied double-sided tape on surfaces for quick assembly. Ducted fan chamber with high-speed motor turns compressed air into high speeds. Fuselage and wings are Silver in color with Black horizontal and vertical tail sections. Red and Blue decals are applied on the wing fuselage and tail sections. Decals with a White star inside a Black circle are applied at the end of each wing and on each engine nacelle. INCLUDES: One A6 Intruder Ducted Fan, Ready-To-Fly Electric RC Jet Aircraft w/preinstalled battery, motor and ducted fan. One wing set with double sided tape One hand-held charger One Tx controller instruction sheet REQUIRES: Six "C" size alkaline batteries Charging the on-board battery Attaching the wing, elevator, tail booms and checking trims.

Wingspan: 27" (685mm)
Length: 22.5" (570mm)
Height: 3.25" (83mm)

Item #MMicrJ01
Price $49.95 one in stock //sold out

US Navy T-45/BAE Hawk

Aerobatic Airplane without Motor. For Advanced Modeler/Fliers.

FEATURES: Construction: All foam
Wings: One piece foam wing
Canopy: Plastic
Landing gear: None, airplane must be belly landed
Hardware: Included
Motor Mount: Constructed of plastic

INCLUDES: One foam wing, one left and right fuselage halves, two aileron
one elevator fin, one rudder fin,
two elevator control surfaces,
two fiberglass sticks 5.9" (15cm),
one plastic pushrod,
fiberglass sticks 5.9" (15cm),
one plastic pushrod tube 12" (30cm), one 15.3" (39cm) pushrod, one 9.4" (24cm) pushrod,
plastic canopy, photo illustrated instructions, decals and hardware

Radio: 4-8 channel with micro receiver
Servos: 2-3 micro size
Motor: 400 size motor with 1.93:1 gearbox,7x6SF or 7x5E prop
Battery: 8-10 cell NiCd or NiMh 1100mAh
Electronic Speed Control: 25A Charger Misc building and field equipment

Wingspan: 28.3" (720mm)
Wing Area: 152sq in (9.8sq dm)
Weight: 20.4oz (570g) ready to fly
Airfoil: Fully symmetrical
Length: 28.7" (730mm)
Center of Gravity: 3.7" (95mm) Back from the wing's leading edge at the root.
Control Throws- Low Rate High Rate Ailerons: Up & Down 0.24" (6mm) 0.24" (6mm) Elevator: Up & Down 0.39" (10mm) 0.39" (10mm)

Item #UFBAE01
Price $69.99 with motor limited stock

Aif Force 1 EDF JET

FEATURES: Construction: EPP foam to resist breakage with quick lock wing mounts
Color Scheme: Blue silver and white paint scheme with decals to replicate the presidential Air Force One
Radio: 27mHz AM 2-channel, left stick control throttle, right stick controls steering, fail safe returns motors to original speed if stick is held over left or right for more than 1.5 seconds Motors: 4 with ducted fan units Batteries: Two 9.6V 650mAh NiMH with miniature Kyosho type connector Battery Charger: AC/DC powered for home or field use, charges one battery at a time in 30 minutes or less, do not charge for more than 1/2 hour Launching System: E-Z Launch with elastic cord and ground stake, pull back and launch into the wind SPECS: Wingspan: 43" (109.2cm) Length: 40" (101cm) Flying Range: 1000ft (305m)

Item #ESTEAF101
Price $129.95 5 in stock

Airbus A380 Airlinner

Fully molded for quick assembly
Molded Aileron Servo pockets
All flight control surfaces come pre-hinged
Large size, generous wing area, and light weight

Material: EPS foam
Wing Span: 6 feet
Wing Area: 7.58 sqft
Weight: 50.4 oz
Wing loading: 6.65 oz/sqft
Airfoil: RSB 38
Wind range: 7 km/h to 18 km/h
Radio: 3 channels with 5 servos, 5 extension servo cable and 1 Y-cord servo cable

Item #CWA328001
Price $255.95 Sold out

Wing area,
Flying weight.

Item #

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